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... ...Call you Kentucky State Representatives now at (502)564-8100 and ask them to oppose House Bill 252(HB-252); an attack on Unemployment Compensation...HB-252 will lessen the number of weeks you can draw unemployment compensation (14 Weeks per year) and reduce the weekly benefit amount to an average of our 7 surrounding states...CALL NOW...Leadership and Code classes in Grayson KY Call to sign up.....Boilermakers Local 374 asked us to inform members that they have work this spring at IP&L in Petersburg and TWIC Cards will be mandatory...
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Bills that effect Union Labor

Kentucky Building Trades Affiliates.


Numerous Bills are making their way through the Legislature. HB-252 is an attack on Kentucky’s Unemployment Insurance. This Bill would cut back on the number of weeks Kentucky’s unemployed workers are eligible to draw unemployment ranging from 14 weeks max to the current 26 weeks. Under this scenario, Kentucky workers would have only been eligible to draw 26 weeks once in the last 11 years. This will devastate our construction members.


It also would freeze the weekly rate at the current $448.00 until the 7 surrounding states average is higher. The Tennessee rate is currently $275.00 per week which means Kentucky’s rate will freeze until that reaches higher than $448.00, in other words not in our lifetime. Please review the KY Center for Economic Policy study of HB-252 immediately below.




It’s time to ask your members to call their Legislators to Oppose House Bill -252. Find your Legislator here: Who's My Legislator?


Other Bills affecting the Building Trades being monitored:

HB-28 – Remove criminal history from job applicants. Support

HB-67 – Removes waiting week of unemployment benefits for seasonal / recall employees. Support

HB-91 – KY Buy American Act. Support

HB-100 – HVAC Licensure major repair changes. Provides relief for a deceased contractor license holder in HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing. Passed House L&O Committee. Posted on regular orders.

HB-184 – Fair Labor Standards Act reductions. Oppose

HB-194 – Welding Certification. Support

HB-216 – Removes transparency and Open Records for bidding, awarding of Procurement process.

HB-220 – Exempt certain employers from Workers Comp & Unemployment Insurance. Passed Small Business Committee. Floor Amendment filed. Posted on regular orders.

HB-233 – Reinstate Prevailing Wage Law. Support

HB-237 – Repeal the KY Right-To-Work Law. Support

HB-245 – Asbestos Liability Limits. Oppose

HB-247 – Expands KEES money for training beyond apprenticeships.

HB-252 – Unemployment Insurance reductions and limits. Oppose https://kypolicy.org/bill-limit-unemployment-insurance-benefits-cut-off-much-sooner/

HB-296 – Remove HVAC Mechanic apprenticeship license.

HB-303 – Increase minimum wage. Support

HCR-113 – A resolution urging the establishment of Heavy Equipment Operator Training.


SB-35 – Additional exemptions from Wage & Hour and O/T Laws. Oppose

SB-78 – Electrical Licensing Bill, reductions in experience level for license. SFA-1 adopted. Passed Senate 26-10. Assigned to House L&O Committee. Oppose

SB-99 – Employment protections and wage discriminations requirements. Support


Bill Finn

State Director

Kentucky State Building and Construction Trades Council



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