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Apprenticeship Information


Boilermakers Local 40 Apprenticeship Training Program



Training Requirements 

Boilermakers Local 40 Apprenticeship training program is governed by Boilermakers Southeast Area Joint Apprenticeship Program (SAJAC). The program is designed to be a four (4) year training program. During the four (4) years, each apprentice will be required to complete:  576 hours of classroom training, 6,000 hours of work for a contractor signatory to SAJAC, mandatory annual drug tests, random drug testing, 21 on the job training modules, Online related studies home lessons, and monthly online job reports. Each newly indentured apprentice must go through a  a tryout or probationary period of 1,500hours.

Application Process

Click here to Apply online: The application will contain: guidelines for filling out the application, a list of required documentation which is submitted directly to SAJAC.  

After your application has been received by SAJAC it will be processed on a monthly basis received by the 15th by groupings.  

1) Group 1 Applicants - possess Contractor certifications in GTAW or SMAW Tube or Pipe welding process (must be accompanied by certification papers ).

2) Group 2 Applicants - possess Contractor certifications in SMAW OR GMAW Plate welding process (must be accompanied by certification papers ) Or 1,000 Work Hours.

3) Group 3 Applicants - possess vocational welding certification or general field construction trade experience (must be accompanied by appropriate paper work).

4) Group 4 Applicants - No experience in welding or field construction.

In the first week of each calendar month a random drawing adds each applicant who has applied in that  month period to the bottom of the existing group lists.  You will then be notified by mail as to your placement on the group list. 

(For example:  You submit your application and supporting docs to SAJAC as a Group 1 tube welder on February 01.  The application is approved and your documentation verified.  In in the first week of March you were randomly drawn as the first Group 1 applicant.  There are already 5 applicants on Group 1 from previous months, you would become number 6 on Group 1.)

Any questions concerning enrollment in our apprenticeship program must be submitted by calling (270)769-3022 during regular business hours. Email communications will not be accepted! 

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